Sunday, 18 September 2011


This could be fun  my names lee and I live in the north of England nr Manchester but used to live near sheffield .anyway I used to have a blog  a gstar is born  or northen life  and to be honest I loved to blog
about my family mum & dad divorced years ago also my step brothere Ben & mark twins 11  be 12 soon
my boyfriend scot  YEP AM GAY .  You may be wondering where am going with all this  well my other blogs were on my old laptop it got stolen from my car and like a  knob didn back nothing up didnt write down any paswords stupid I know and I didnt have a fucking clue what the paswords were never needed it  also the laptop  it wasnt insured wont see that again I guess  also the car window had to get fixed thank god for car insurance . anyway this is like a shot in the dark to re-conect with others  like
dave the rave
so who knows whats gunna happen next  we will see I guess.